Friday, June 3, 2011


I ran into a song today, that reminded of something I've been needing to get off my chest since the summer before twelfth grade. Now that I have a platform, it is time to for me to introduce my first ever beach crush. I was never formally introduced to her. I'd see her at the beach, with her girlfriends, all summer long; while I hung out with a group of guys, most of us still too chickenshit to make a move. After the summer ended, she began her first year at my high school. There were only the slightest of encounters, but one became ritual for several weeks. I'd get home from school, and ride down to the beach. At about the same time every day, I'd start to leave, right about the time she would show up. We would look at each other and, sometimes mutter nervous "hello"s. Then, I'd take off, riding my bike home, eight blocks up the hill. After putting my bike away, I'd go out on the front lawn to water, because it was an excuse to be out on the lawn when she rode up the hill. Again, we'd make eye contact, and sometimes say "hello," from a lawn to street distance. And that was as far as it ever went. Even after I looked her last name up in the phone book, only to find that the closest address with her last name was a mile or so away. But, every time I hear "Surfer Girl," ever since way back then, I think of her. So, it's been a long time coming. Melanie McManus, or whatever your last name may be now, wherever you are, I am now professing the crush of my sixteen year old self.

Summer crush (slight return):
The Beach Boys - Surfer Girl mp3 at
Assorted other Beach Boys:
The Beach Boys - Feel Flows mp3 at Immerse Glassy water, in the late afternoon.
The Beach Boys - Do It Again (early version) mp3 at When You Awake Because it's an different version, kind of an oddball.
The Beach Boys - Ganz Allein (In My Room) mp3 at Aquarium Drunkard German version of "In My Room", but you probably figured that one out.
The Beach Boys - Karen mp3 at Career Records TV show theme song
The Beach Boys - The Letter (demo?) mp3 at Bedazzled Another oddball.

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