Saturday, June 4, 2011


Just browsing today, thanks. Landed on the Hound Blog and, I must say, he's done it again. A great post about the Jesters, one of the last bands to record for Sun Records, and one of many bands called the Jesters. I never heard of these Jesters, and that's what the Hound is good at, pulling something out of his ass that prompts the "where the hell have I been?" reaction. If you're thinking rockabilly because of the Sun Records connection, think again. These mid-60's Jesters play stuff that would fit nicely sandwiched between, aww, let's see, Nuggets type stuff, the Gun Club, Them, mid-60's Stones, and what not. Listen to "Get Gone Baby" and tell me it doesn't sound a little like the Gun Club. Oh, and listen to the version of "Cadillac Man" below, the A-side of the only 45 that the Jesters actually had released on Sun. It's Jim Dickinson on vocals, a suitably wacked out version that didn't fly when it was released. (And that was their only A side, and it wasn't even with their own singer. I tell ya, that Jim Dickinson had his finger in everybody's pie.) There's half a dozen more at Hound's blog, all great fodder for your next game of "Stump the Hipster." Good stuff Maynard.

After hearing "Get Gone Baby," I thought I'd look for the Gun Club's "For the Love of Ivy," because that's the song it reminded me of. I didn't find it, but what I did find was the White Stripes covering the Gun Club's "Jack on Fire" (along with 32 other covers, link below), and a Gun Club cover of Creedence's "Run Through the Jungle." So, I'm two links into a chain of covers, and thinking that this may have opened up a can of worms and take all night. Thankfully, I found a suitable stopping point, Creedence doing "My Baby Left Me," a cover of the Arthur Crudup song that Elvis did while at Sun. So, I'm back at Sun Records, always a suitable place to stop.

The Jesters - Get Gone Baby mp3 at The Hound Blog
The Jesters w/Jim Dickinson- Cadillac Man mp3 at The Hound Blog
The Jesters - Six more songs at The Hound Blog
The White Stripes - Jack On Fire (live) mp3 at Cover Me
The Gun Club - Run Through the Jungle mp3 at Plain or Pan
Creedence Clearwater Revival - My Baby Left Me mp3 at The Adios Lounge
Bonus, not so related link:

The White Stripes - 32 more live covers at Cover Me
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