Saturday, June 18, 2011


"Recorded by actual Neanderthals in their cave studio..." With a line like that, do you really think I'm going to read any further? Absolutely not. I found myself clicking at light speed, as some sort of reflex, and the song that it took me to, "Makin' Love," was just as advertised. In other words, my type of meat. Garage Hangover, the host of the best thing I've heard all week, goes into much detail describing it; but if you know your references, let me put it this way: It's as a sloppy mess, somewhere along the lines of the Groupies "Down In the Bottom" (with it's use of rudimentary guitar and snotty vocals), with a cardboard drum kit attempting a Bo Diddley beat, and some garbling that wouldn't sound out of place on a Hasil Adkins record. To the few of you who get all hot and bothered by that sort of thing, you're wasting time reading any further. go to their site to get it. Really, I only know a handful of people that will get as worked up about this song as I am, but if even one of them happens to follow the link below, it will outweigh any disappointment by the rest of you who, well, don't get it.

I haven't read all of the interview yet, but I did give a listen to the B side, "You Mean Everything," which isn't nearly as crusty. Regardless, with the combination of the A side, the name of the band (really, is there a better name?), and the magnificently low budget sleeve (above), I got all I need. Don't need no damn context. I just wish there was more of the same. (I now know I'm not alone. As I type this, a copy of this extremely rare 45 is on Ebay and, with a day of bidding left, it's at $1802.) (UPDATE 6/21/11, auction is closed. The record sold for $6550.00.)

The Sloths - Makin' Love, and You Mean Everything mp3s, and the story of the Sloths at Garage Hangover (They don't like direct linking to mp3s, but you should go there to get it. This sucker is worth the trip.)
Garage Hangover home page

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