Monday, November 1, 2010


I'm a cynic, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Any band that puts a Circle Jerk (Keith Morris) and a Redd Kross member (Steven McDonald) together would sound enticing to anybody my age. First thought: What kind of way out wacky shit could they be putting out? Then you throw in a former member of Burning Brides and a Hot Snake, and it starts to sound like something that could be the hottest shit in town. Right? Well, what it actually resembles is a retread, bordering on cash in. That's a little harsh, but...[turn to camera 3] Come on guys. Even though you say "we're not a punk supergroup," you know that's what some nuts will say. At least you're going to get a little inventive, right?...wait, what? You mean to tell me that it's going to sound an awful lot like late 70's L.A. hardcore? Have you learned nothing? I'm not saying that I don't like that type of stuff. Hell, just like you, I was practically weened on it. But, c'mon, you're probably only going to be working with this combination of people for a while. How 'bout you blow some old fart minds?! Sure, old farts don't sink their teeth into stuff like kids do, they don't buy as much music. Well, bully for you. I'll take it, and I'll find in interesting, but I, rather we, really could use some help over here. This shit's getting...old.

Getting Ray Pettibon to do the sleeves tells me what I need to know. That's cool and everything, but the dude's in galleries now. Don't you think you could give another guy a chance? And, Keith, you probably don't remember me (we smoked cigarettes and drank beer in a parking lot thirty years ago.), but, about your bobble head, oh, and the Circle Jerks Vans,...(Relax, I really don't take the whole thing that seriously. It all just seems

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