Sunday, November 14, 2010


Ask anyone you know if they know Doris Troy's music. (Go ahead, I'll wait.) They'll probably say that they never heard of her. Ask them if they've heard "Just One Look," her one big hit in 1963 (you do know that one, don't you?). If they're still scratching their heads, ask them if they've heard "My Sweet Lord," "You're So Vain," "Let It Bleed" or "Dark Side of the Moon," all of which she sang back up on. If, at that point, they're still blank, send them on their way.

Troy's solo career peaked with "Just One Look" (which she co-wrote), but it didn't die. George Harrison signed her to Apple Records, and took her into the studio, along with a few friends. Friends like Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Stephen Stills, Leon Russell, Ringo Starr, Jackie Lomax, Klaus Voorman, Harrison and Delaney & Bonnie. Not bad, eh? That had to have been one hot commodity, right? Guess again. It may not have flopped, but it was no million seller either.

On "You Give Me Joy Joy," from the self titled LP (just reissued by Apple), she's backed by the A-Team: Harrison, Stephen Stills, Ringo Starr, Klaus Voorman, and Leon Russell. So, after hearing it, my question is this: which of the two guitarists (Harrison and Stills) is playing what? The rhythm guitar sounds like Ron Wood in the mid-Faces years. The lead sounds like B.B.King. Neither really sounds like Harrison or Stills. I gotta go with Stills, with the slightly distorted guitar. I mean, he had already played with Neil Young at this point. On the other hand...

Doris Troy- You Give Me Joy Joy mp3 at Dr. Mooneys 115tth Dream
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