Friday, January 27, 2017


It's a good thing I reserved judgement. I've never been a big Pink Floyd fan, but I never hated them, always ambivalent, well aware of their days with Syd Barrett as well as a young Johnny Rotten's homemade "I Hate Pink Floyd" T-shirt. But the constant exposure to Dark Side of the Moon, which was played incessantly by heads and FM free format stations back in the day (and still is in some parts), put off objective appraisal for decades. Pink Floyd, or anything Pink Floyd oriented, was the last thing I'd ever expect to be posted here. But that changed a couple days ago. A video of Roger Waters playing "Pigs" has started to circulate. It was filmed in October, but was posted on YouTube by Waters a week ago, on the day of Trump's inauguration, with the comment "The Resistance begins today". I liked that comment, I agree with that comment, and I was pleased as punch to see Waters, a Brit, be so bold as to pipe in on a concern that many of us share. I was not prepared for the video, rather, the stage and lighting of  the live gig, Mammoth in scale, well done, and loud in its color and intensity, and there is no mistaking who he is singing about this time, despite the songs vintage. Take a look at the clip, read the lyrics, and spread this sucker like butter. This is not some attempt to boost page views here, I've nothing to gain from that. Link directly to the YouTube video if that's how you roll. If resistance is in order, and it most certainly is, you know someone who needs some firing up.

A brief note to the anonymous pro-Trump person who chose to leave a now deleted comment on an earlier post. Dear misguided "anonymous", Try as you might to do the same thing again, I will continue to delete your comments. Even if I have to use one of those filters that requires comments to be approved. Get this straight: My blog, my ideology. Blogger doesn't charge anything to create your own blog, so have at it. Make your own noise over there. There is no agreeing to disagree on this one. Trump is just plain bad. There's just no way to reason out of it. Try as you might to convince yourself otherwise, there's going to be a time when you question whether or not you should jump ship. Make no mistake, this is a blog that does not like Trump, or anything he represents. This is not tit for tat. This is all tit. I am part of the resistance.


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