Friday, January 13, 2017


A few months ago, I read Getting Nowhere Fast: The Untold Story of Independent Music in San Diego 1976 - 1986 by Ray Brandes. Primarily about the local music scene, there is an antidote as told by Joel Kmak, a drummer and mainstay of the San Diego scene for decades. He describes a local show that actually predates the particular period, but is a crack up that makes me smile every time I imagine the scenario. One night Howlin' Wolf was playing a club gig, and Bo Diddley, who happened to be playing at another club across town, showed up unannounced and joined Howlin' Wolf onstage. Kmak says "So they're playing and then all of a sudden Howlin' Wolf gets off stage and goes back to the bar and orders a  bunch of hot dogs! He's sitting back at the bar, eating hot dogs and talking to the cute groupies! Meanwhile Bo Diddley's getting pissed because he's up on the stage playing Howlin' Wolf's show!"

It's with that scenario in mind that I went looking again for "The Super Super Blues Band" an album that features Bo Diddley, Howlin Wolf, and Muddy Waters (along with Otis Spann, Hubert Sumlin and Buddy Guy). It's not a compilation, but rather in-studio jams featuring different combinations of the assembled giants. The big reason I wanted to hear again it is because it includes a lot of wisecracks and ribbing that might shed some light on the goat-getting dynamic of the hot dog incident. In other words, I wanted to hear them giving each other shit. There might not be much of it in there, but, hey, I get to listen to Bo Diddley, Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters fuckin' around while I look for it.

The Super Super Blues Band - Spoonful mp3 at Internet Archive
The Super Super Blues Band - Diddley Daddy mp3 at Internet Archive
The Super Super Blues Band - Long Distance Call mp3 at Internet Archive
The whole LP:
The Super Super Blues Band at Internet Archive In the right column, under "Download options" click on "VBR MP3 Files"

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