Friday, April 29, 2016


Fu-huck. Groove Addict lays it down yet again. No surprise there. Nearly every one of their posts is worthy of a visit. Very simple and straight forward, a zipped LP with album credits, and an mp3. I know, that sounds like just a download site. It would be if the posts had dogs among them. But Groove Addict doesn't do dogs, just awesome stuff, and manages to do it with very little additional copy, just the credits. That's more than ample. Think about it, if you're really into learning about the music you're listening to, you need some sort of reference. Album credits and liner notes, for some of us, are essential to getting to the next level, beyond just the aural fix. You know. "Where can I track down more if this awesome shit?" Again, that wouldn't matter at all if the music sucked. But, Groove Addict delivers time after time, heavy on jazz (this side of mod), soul and other popcorn type stuff. Another good thing: if you're unfamiliar with a particular selection, which you may well be, there's more to soak in.

This recent post is a great example of how it works over there. "Big" John Patton? Never heard of him. But I have now. "Hot Sauce", the single song sample had me intrigued. A swinging seven minute instrumental with ample space for multiple solos. Organ, sax and guitar. Check those credits. It's that Rudy Van Gelder again. He pops up as engineer on a lot of cool jazz. Grant Green on guitar, another name I recognize from other posts on the site. See where I'm going? As if that weren't enough, each post has "You might also like" thumbnail links to other posts, usually including one or more from the same artist. Groove Addict educates, in a subtle way, with impeccable taste and genre specific variety.

Here's just two. The aforementioned "Hot Sauce" and "Boogaloo Boogie", that one because it has a seriously tweaked sax solo (at 4:00). There's a lot more Patton over there, at least eight LPs worth, each with a sample song. Poke around while you're at it, You just might learn a thing or two.

John Patton - Hot Sauce mp3 at Groove Addict
John Patton - Boogaloo Boogie mp3
at Groove Addict
More Patton
at Groove Addict Scroll down.

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