Monday, April 11, 2016


I'm a sucker for surf music, as you might be. If you are, you may have noticed a lack of contemporary surf music around here. There's a simple reason for that. Most of it sucks. Enough so that when a band has the chops and doesn't do something stupid, they stand out like a sore thumb. So, the Trabants (named after a Russian made compact car) already stood out, just by not being shitty. They are far from that. Being into vintage equipment and recording modes, and avoiding the better known instrumentals, you'd be hard pressed to peg when they were recorded. I sampled quite a few of their songs and I gotta say, the stuff kicks ass. There's only a handful of surf bands in the last ten or twenty years that I would heartily endorse, and these guys could have been one of them. But, while they're still good, their latest incorporates some more rock sounding guitar. A small complaint. There's still Farfisa, sitar and Dave Allen type fuzz, and it's still really good, just not what you'd consider straight up surf. But then, there's not much of that going around these days. 

I couldn't find any mp3s but there's plenty to sample on their Bandcamp page and their web page. Hell their Bandcamp stuff is so cheap, I may break into the lawn mowing money.



Strontiumchin said...

Cool... Also check out the Breaks, a surf band featuring members of Midnight Oil and the Violent Femmes...

Tom G. said...

Not bad at all! Thanks for the tip.