Thursday, January 28, 2016


I don't know this young guitarist named Kara, but after seeing videos posted by her guitar teacher Michael Stevens, I'm a fan. I'll tell you why. She's around ten years old and her music of choice is the blues. That should be applauded. With the dearth of blues based music (and that includes rock 'n' roll) on the charts, which is where most kids that age find their favorites, it's remarkable that she's even been exposed to blues, let alone having a preference. And she's good at it and getting better. I'm sure there are better ten year old guitarists, but you know what? She plays better than I do, and probably many of you. And she's stuck with it, unlike those of us who have picked up the guitar and then stopped when it started getting frustrating. She's our poster girl, a de facto Rosie the Riveter for blues students. Because her perseverance should be rewarded, I will post periodic updates when her teacher heps me to them. I'm going to be around for a while and I want to see her become the Freda King she has her sights on. This is "Kara B. Goode" happening in real time. Someday she will see her name in lights.

Above and beyond Miss Kara's musical potential, what is encouraging about this is the thought of another generation carrying on what sometimes seems in danger of being lost on younger people, that being blues based music. "There will always be the blues", you'll think. Have you checked in on what kids listen to lately?

The beginning licks of "Berge Boogie", the video above, reminded me of a classic segment from Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll, the 1987 Chuck Berry all star concert flick. The clip is of Keith Richards and Chuck Berry rehearsing for the show and getting messed up repeatedly on the opening of "Carol". It's not the same lick as in the video above, but shows just how frustrating it can be trying to nail a Chuck Berry type intro.

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