Wednesday, December 16, 2015


It's probably not a cool thing to post a mug shot of the Godfather to accompany a post with some of his Christmas themed songs. But none of us is perfect. So, say James Brown did some things that landed him on the naughty list. Now take that one step further and imagine Krampus coming after him. Krampus vs the GFOS. Can you imagine the full on brawl that would be? I'd sure as hell pay per view that.

James Brown - Funky Christmas mp3
at SB Dave
James Brown - Go Power At Christmas Time mp3
at The Sound of Indie
James Brown - Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto mp3
at The Mob Third Coast

James Brown - Let's Unite the World at Christmas mp3 at Panic Stream
James Brown - Please Come Home For Christmas
at Panic Stream


Espen E. said...

Hi, Tom! Funny, today, JB popped up on a list of Xmas songs on the newspage of NRK, the Norwegian national (/state) broadcasting corp. or whatever (it's like our BBC equivalent)… The title reads "Eight Christmas songs you might not have heard":


Tom G. said...

Hey Espen! I was wondering where you've been. Thanks for the link, I'd forgotten all about Joseph Spence! That one's going up tonight. Love his delivery. There's some others on there I hadn't heard that I dig. Despite appearances, I'm not that into Christmas music, it's just easier than racking my brain for a post topic so I take full advantage of it.

I hope you and your family have a great holiday. Give my best to Isak!


Espen E. said...

:) Been here most of the time, Tom; stalkin' – not talkin'…

(But seriously – I could probably pitch a related comment to 90% of your posts, so I guess I've shut myself up for a period, so as not to spam down your blog too bad. Maybe it's time to open the floodgates a little.)

As most of the others on that list, Joseph Spence was unknown to me, but I find he pretty accurately sums up my own sentiments towards Christmas here.

God Jul (*), Tom, and a thunderous ho-ho-ho from Isak and the rest of the family!


(* shouldn't be too hard to translate)

Tom G. said...

God Jul back at you E. Hope you had a good one.

Hey, don't ever think twice about chiming in. This place is dead without you. I had always hoped this place would be some sort of community of like minded folds. I guess it is sort of, a community of two knuckleheads on opposite sides of the globe!