Tuesday, December 22, 2015


If I haven't already expressed my distaste for overly dramatic rock star posturing, let me do that now. I hate it. It's distracting and it's phony. Far and away, the best bands I've ever seen perform have been musicians that just get up there and play, particularly those able to create a chemistry that can't be bought, plugged in, or obscured with some asinine fog machine. Guitar face is a symptom of posturing. A little is okay, but that exaggerated stuff? No. Do you know what's worse? Cello face.

There is a version of "Little Drummer Boy", by a band called Apocalyptica that I've linked to in the past, but just revisited. I have to be objective. The song is intense, ridiculously so. I have to give them that. But I just can't get past their look. I'll leave it at that. No, wait. They look ridiculous. I'm trying desperately to think of a one word description that is not profane. Okay, now I'll leave it that. Check this tune and then, if you dare, do an image search, or check out some videos. Take stock of your reaction. Punk rockers, I'll meet you back here.

Apocalyptica - Little Drummer Boy mp3 at Cover Me

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