Monday, September 21, 2015


Oh joy. A Sonic Youth pot luck. Had these links laying around and figured it was high time to clean house. A lot can be said about Sonic Youth; the feedback, the guitar disrespectin', the generally noisy, sometimes drawn out, sometimes arty; the whole damn thing. And they were everywhere. They toured all over the damn place. If you lived through the eighties and nineties and had the opportunity and didn't go see Sonic Youth at least once, I dare say you are a bonehead. You practically had to try to miss them. Even if you considered yourself above their music, thought them pandering to a lower species, you missed out on a reverence point you should have taken advantage of. One of the non-musical things I really liked about Sonic Youth was that they didn't get all gussied up. Not only did they play ratty ass guitars, they wore regular clothes, sometimes looking like they just came in from working in the yard. That alone is hard to do, for any band. Who could argue that it lent itself to a looser vibe all around. Slob core? Hell yeah, I'm on board.

Wacky Packages stickers? Who does that?

Here's a live set from '92 that was posted at Aquarium Drunkard, with pretty good sound, and enough guitar banging to keep their techs busy. Speaking of which, check the interactive set lists linked below. This is how the techs kept track of the constant guitar changes during their sets, Click on the guitar name to see a whole page devoted to the life and use of a particular guitar. Enter black hole.

Nice cheat sheet.

There's also a Mudhoney cover, a Beach Boys cover, and a link to the download page on their site, with all sorts of outtakes and five live cuts from 1990. Oh, and for you arty types, a film about Danceteria that Kim Gordon made in 1980.

Sonic Youth - Kool Thing (demo) mp3 at Muskrat Midldleberry (?)
Sonic Youth - Touch Me I'm Sick mp3
at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends Mudhoney cover
Sonic Youth - I Know There's An Answer mp3
at Cover Me Beach Boys cover

Sonic Youth - Eric's Trip (live) mp3 at Sonic Youth
Sonic Youth - Outtakes and live stuff
at Sonic Youth
Live set:
Sonic Youth - Complete live set, 1992
(via Mediafire) at Aquarium Drunkard Zip with 12 mp3s

Internative set lists at Sonic Youth
Sonic Youth Illustrated Equipment Guide - See you next year.
Kim Gordon's Danceteria movie at Dangerous Minds 

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