Tuesday, September 29, 2015


As long as I'm on a two day roll about recent serendipitous musical moments, here's another one. I mentioned yesterday how I heard Koko Taylor on a jazz station. You might think, as I would, "WTF? A jazz station?" with all sorts of thoughts regarding jazz lite, cool jazz or whatever you want to call all of the shitty jazz that makes you want to stay away from the whole genre altogether. Well, the jazz station in question, KSDS, known to locals as Jazz88, plays a lot of good shit, a lot. They broadcast streaming online and if you join their Speakeasy club you can listen to past shows. I've got my favorites shows, particularly Latin Jazz followed by Jazz West Coast, the latter hosted by the stealthly cool old school Phil Dinsen, otherwise known as the only DJ to use the term "bitchen" on the air since 1965. Just between those two shows, five hours of Saturday afternoon transistor radio at the beach goodness. So, on Sunday night I was done, completely exhausted. In addition to getting in the water a couple times earlier in the day I tried out this sport I've been hearing about for years, housecleaning. Apparently very big with some folks, I seriously don't know what the fuss is about. But regardless, I was tuckered out and laid down with every intent to catch up on zzzs. I turned on the radio, a regular everyday radio, just in time to hear the DJ introduce an hour of Sun Ra. Holy shit. If you're familiar with Sun Ra, I don't have to tell you how dozing off in the midst of a block of his music will fuck with your REM. It was the best, most entertaining, night of sleep I've had in a long, long time.

Sun Ra - Astro Black mp3
at Destination-Out 1973
Sun Ra and the Myth Science Akestra - Eve mp
at Now You're at Soundblaque
Sun Ra - Angels and Demons at Play mp3
at Destination Out
Sun Ra - The Sun Man Speaks mp3
at Now You're at Songblague 
Sun Ra - Door to the Cosmos mp3
at I'm Waking Up to... 
Sun Ra - Omnisonicism mp3
at Lost Tones 
Sun Ra with Blues Project - Batman Theme mp3
at Beware of the Blog
Sun Ra with Blues Project - Batman and Robin Over the Roofs mp3
at Beware of the Blog
Sun Ra - Intensity mp3
at Lost Tones

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