Tuesday, January 13, 2015



Espen E. said...

Hey, Tom!

Although I see where he’s comin’ from, I think I’m with her on this… It’s not ONLY music, no, but THE MUSIC is what it’s about, first and foremost – "what goes where" is secondary… if that. Rebel or librarian, that is the question – which one do you wanna be?

And how about this; at least she’s playin’ his records… that’s got to be a relational building-block to consider before slammin’ the door.

Tom G. said...

I concur Espen. My records are a mess, and have been for years. The rebel or librarian is spot on. That's Occam's Razor right there. Cut right to the meat of it.

That all said, I can totally relate to his fiendishness. I might not know where all of my recods are, but I can tell you something about every one. And I too have those kind of associations with particular songs that he does.

It's a funny scene, because every fiend can relate on some level.