Sunday, January 4, 2015


Unrelated photo of two ladies with big hair. (Ed van der Elsken 1968 Amsterdam)
Wow, that went by fast. Diddy Wah, the blog by the London DJ of the same name, just passed the ten year mark. That doesn't sound like a big deal, but very few music blogs last that long. And very, very few that aren't hack jobs kowtowing to the flavor of the week, with all sorts of annoying banners and ads. And that's key. Adam Weatherhead, his real name, is very much a purist. His blog exists because  he loves music, he loves records and he loves turning people on to music. And good music. Rhythm and blues, soul, rockabilly, surf, blues, the timeless shit. About as far away from [insert this weeks indie crap band here] as is possible. He is a true believer. The text is informed, and the records are on the obscure side, stuff you wouldn't have unless you're a digger of the highest order.

I don't want to get all sappy, but let's just say that it was Diddy Wah, and Rev Tom Frost (Spread the Good Word), who sucked me into the rabbit hole of music blogs, first as a visitor, and later when I started this here shit hole. They reminded me that release dates don't mean anything. Good music is good music, and current music can't be considered better by virtue of its newness. That shit is for teenagers. I'm not a teenager and Adam, despite his youthful good looks (bastard), isn't either. I am his audience and, if you're here, you likely are too. I linked to Diddy Wah on my second post ever, and it was the first blog I linked to when I added a blog roll. When he added me to his blog roll, let me tell you, I was doing back flips out on the front lawn. I've recommended Diddy Wah to you slobs before, and if you didn't look then and don't now, it's your loss. Just don't hang around here. I don't want to be seen with you.

Here's four random samples. I had to stop there because if I went any further, there'd be no stopping me. Check out his mixes too. They aren't downloadable, but, hell, just blast your computer speakers. His records are usually a little scratchy and road worn anyways, not that that matters. That just adds to the sound. You should know by now that 180 gram vinyl isn't allowed in this hemisphere.

Otis Rush - It Takes Time mp3 at Diddy Wah
Larry Williams - I Wanna Know mp3 at Diddy Wah
Bert and Ray - Slow Drag mp3 at Diddy Wah Link Wray (Bert) and Ray Searce totally aping Santo and Johnny
Bobby Blue Bland - Love You Baby mp3 at Diddy Wah
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