Thursday, December 4, 2014


Oh hell yeah, another holiday with all sorts of thematic stuff to be found. I'm not nuts about holiday music, but people entertain this time of year, and with parties comes the requirement for tunes. So, let's start this stuff early. I guess.

Check these guys, the Blue Star Chorus. I've posted them before, but just look at them. Where to start? First, the pose. What the hell? This is way before irony and intentionally bad became fashionable. So what is is? Lame, or genius? Who knows, but the photo has me talking about it decades later, so it did its job. You will note that the guy on the right is the only one displaying even an ounce of enthusiasm. It's not like the others are trying to look badass. They look sedated. And what about the ukelele player sitting on his duff? He can't even muster the energy to sit in a chair, let alone hold it guitar? You'd be forgiven if you thought that this would be tryptophan rock. Thankfully it's just a Ventures-type instrumental, but there they go again! An instrumental, played by a band called Blue Star Chorus. The nuts!

Seeing that the Blue Star Chorus is from Taiwan, let's just make this an international holiday crowd pleaser special. Next up is Jayran Achary, from India, though you wouldn't guess it. It features sitar so tame that it makes "Paint It Black" sound like Ravi Shankar. Lest we mention the marimba, or whatever the hell it is. Full sellout. Worry not, redemption is here. Ghana's Pee Wee Dynamite's "Groovy Christmas and New Year", a tight James Brown influenced afrofunk jam that'll have them spilling eggnog. The Ghanafather of Soul. Someone had to say it.

Blue Star Chorus - Silent Night at Radiodiffusion International Taiwan
Jayran Achary - Santa Clause Is Coming to Town mp3
at Radiodiffusion International India
Pee Wee Dynamite - A Groovy Christmas and New Year mp3 at Voodoo Funk Ghana
Alternate link:
Soundcloud note: If the embedded streaming widget has a visible downward pointing arrow on the right side of the bar, downloading is enabled. Click on the arrow.

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Anonymous said...

One of my favorite things about xmas/holidays, is the habit I developed decades ago of discovering the wide spectrum of sick and twisted shit that has always come along with them, to share with the unexpecting. Thanks Tom!