Friday, December 12, 2014


I ran into an interesting post at this weeks salvage yard, Now That's What I Call Bullshit. The site hasn't been updated for a year, but there's a lot of good stuff buried in their old posts. This particular one is from 2009.  It's four songs by the those guys pictured above. I'm not linking to the songs themselves because every time I link to mp3s by them I get a nasty visit from the goon squad. I'll just give you an idea of what's there, give you a link to the post that has them, and be on my way.

It's four oddballs, three of which are Beggars Banquet outtakes. "Pay Your Dues" is an alternate version of "Street Fighting Man" with different lyrics and title. The second is from the last session with Brian Jones, a ten minute version of Muddy Waters's "Still A Fool". The third outtake is"Sweet Lucy", a version of which ended up on Metamorphosis (a cash-in compilation of Stones oddballs), as "Downtown Suzie". The other song is "Memo From Turner", released in two different versions, one on Metamorphosis, and the other on the soundtrack to the film Performance. The one posted over there is the soundtrack version, and is actually Jagger's vocal laid over backing tracks recorded later, the slide by Ry Cooder, with Randy Newman playing piano, and Jack Nitzsche producing. There's at least one other version that's wound up on bootlegs, supposedly with some or all members of Traffic, and few Stones. I'm not sure of all of the details, but there's a whole Wiki page for the song, so dig in if you're so inclined. But, the one on the soundtrack is the defining version, with Cooder's slide, which really is what makes the song.

Besides the four songs mentioned above, as mp3s (at the bottom of their post), and some text, there's a letter from Big Lips McGhee to Andy Warhol, wherein he thanks him for taking on the Sticky Fingers album art job, and then proceeds to make suggestions. Yeesh.

Four Stones oddballs at Now That's What I Call Bullshit (see above)
Rolling Stones - Memo From Turner
(streaming) at YouTube Personnel unclear
Rolling Stones - Memo From Turner
(streaming) at YouTube Ditto
Mick Jagger - Memo From Turner at YouTube A clip from the film Performance
Memo From Turner entry at Wikipedia
Letter from Jagger to Warhol Large readable scan
Pay Your Dues lyrics (scroll down)

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