Sunday, January 8, 2012


You could spend a whole lot of time trying to track down all of the releases of any reggae DJ, so it's no wonder that it took me a while to get to Prince Jazzbo. With U Roy, Dillinger, Dr. Alimantado, Big Youth, and Dennis Alcapone (among others) all with older releases still lingering on my want list, I was hard pressed to let any others in the door. That was before I heard the long version of Prince Jazzbo's "Crab Walking," which features all the elements: a Studio One rhythm (Horace Andy's "Skylarking," thank you very much), toasting, and, on the disco mix, dub. It was immediately put into heavy rotation. (Note: Couldn't find the long version, but the single version is below.) He was added to the list, as was I Roy, due to the ongoing feud between the two. Though they remained friends until I Roy's death in 1999, they kept listeners on their toes (and record sales up) with potshots at each other on vinyl; and unlike other musical battles, their intents were not all that veiled. Titles included “Straight to Jazzbo’s Head" (I Roy), “Straight to I-Roy’s Head" (Jazzzbo), “Jazzbo Have Fe Run” (I Roy & Prince Far I) and “Gal Boy I-Roy” (Jazzbo). King Tubby & the Aggrovators even got their two cents in with "Straight To I Roy's Big Mouth," which has got to be one of the greatest reggae song titles ever. Good times.

Prince Jazzbo - Gal Boy I Roy mp3 at Bedazzled
Prince Jazzbo - Takeover mp3 at Reggae Top Site
Prince Jazzbo and Lee Perry - Croaking Lizard mp3 at 4Shared
Prince Jazzbo - Pepper Rock mp3 at Reggae Top Site
Prince Jazzbo - Crab Walking mp3 via 4Shared* *NOTE: Once there click on blue "Download Now" button, then wait until the timer times out (don't click on the orange "click here" button unless you want to sign up for a premium service). Click on "Download file now" link when it appears.
More feud fun at YouTube (streaming):
I Roy - Straight to Jazzbo’s Head
Prince Jazzbo's Straight to I-Roy’s Head vs I Roy's Jazzbo Have Fe Run
I Roy and Prince Jazzbo at War at Distinctly Jamaican Sounds

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