Sunday, January 1, 2012


I just ran into a post on a blog that mentioned someone with the last name of Self. If you're into rockabilly, you might have had the same sort of association that I did. I immediately thought of Ronnie Self, a rockabilly second stringer who released two songs that have ended up on more than a few rockabilly compilations, "Bop-A-Lena" and "Ain't I'm a Dog," along with a host of other solid rockabilly records. Before I even started poking around, I told myself that if I found them posted by this French guy named Rocky, I would take the opportunity to sing his praises. Why? Because in this house, Rocky (of is a fiend by which all fiends are measured. And guess what? Good ol' Rocky had the only three Ronnie Self songs I could find posted anywhere. And it didn't surprise me. The man is a saint, Rocky-52 that is. Primarily into rockabilly and country and western, he has space on his palet for assorted other genres like Western swing, hillbilly, early rock 'n' roll, and the odd surf, blues and what not. His site looks pretty basic, but do a little digging and you'll be blown away at how much stuff is on there. Just click on "discography" (on the menu on the left side of his home page), pick an artist. If there's a speaker icon, there's an mp3. He's got a lot of top shelf stuff. About Ronnie Self: you can read about him at the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, but do give his stuff a listen; especially "You're So Right For Me" which features the most self defeating delivery of any courtin' song I've ever heard. Dude sounds fucking crazy.

Ronnie Self - You're So Right For Me mp3 at
Ronnie Self - Ain't I'm A Dog mp3 at
Ronnie Self - Bop-A-Lena mp3 at
Ronnie Self at the Rockabilly Hall of Fame Note: Click on discography, pick an artist. If there's a speaker icon, there's an mp3.

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RandallFunk said...

wicked site - thanks for the link on the blogroll - i've done the same.