Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Aaron Neville, ready to party.
It's hard to imagine a region or city more proud of their musical heritage than New Orleans. If you've ever been there you may have picked up on that. Though I haven't been there in years, when I was there the rhythm and undeniable funkiness of the music seemed to seep from every crack of a window, door or moss covered courtyard wall. It was everywhere, like a soundtrack. Once you experience that, you're hooked. It might be acquired taste if you've never been there, but it kind of depends on the breadth of your taste. I was already into the music when I went there, but I will say that after a few days it was like someone added catalyst to the mix, it all made sense. I think I say that same shit every year about this time. But then again, I remember a moment down there, being totally content and thinking that once my gig is up, I want to die there. I had it bad.

Segue? Okay, here's a couple early solo cuts by two Nevilles (Art and Aaron), and one by Allen Toussaint. All three figure big in the New Orleans canon (Google that shit if you don't recognize those names). The bonus here is a hour long mix over at Funky Sixteen Corners with all sorts of New Orleans icons: Roger and the Gypsies, Professor Longhair, Bobby Marchan, Eddie Bo, Lee Dorsey, Dixie Cups, Earl King, the Meters, Ernie K Doe, you get the picture. And a bunch of more obscure artists too. Larry, the host of Funky Sixteen Corners, knows his shit, so the mix is chocked full of deeper cuts.

Aaron Neville - Humdinger mp3 at DJ Perro
Art Neville - Arabian Love Call mp3
at Office Naps
Al Tousan (Allen Toussaint) - Cow Cow Blues mp3
at Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban
The mix:
Funky 16 Corners presents Mardi Gras Boogaloo
22 song mix at Funky 16 Corners. Go there to get it, download link is posted after the song listing.

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