Thursday, February 8, 2018


Man, I had it all messed up. I did a search for the date of Mardi Gras this year, the only problem was "this" year was 2017. Brain fart. I've been thinking I had a couple weeks to post New Orleans stuff, so I was just cruising. When I saw something today saying that Fat Tuesday is this Tuesday, it became crunch time.

I revisited Coco Robicheaux's "St. John's Eve", a song I was turned onto by Peter Tibbles, a man of records and taste. Peter does a weekly music column, Elder Music, for Time Goes By, a blog for, no slag intended, older people. But he doesn't write from any particular age related vantage point, and he's into all sorts of shit. I've learned about dozens of musicians through his posts, some in genres that I previously didn't give a shit about. I don't know care what genre Coco Robicheaux's "St. John's Eve" falls into. I do know that you can feel it. I don't know anything about Robicheaux, I almost don't want to. "St. John's Eve" is a fucking growling voodoo dog mired in swamp muck and stinky candles. It's badass, and it is only one of many that Tibbles's posts have turned me onto. Here's four of his New Orleans posts, and the song I was just slobbering all over.

Coco Robicheaux - St. John's Eve mp3
at Time Goes By
The Posts:
New Orleans Music
at Time Goes By
Part 1:
King Oliver, Sidney Bechet, Roy Brown, Lee Dorsey, Joe Jones, Bobby Charles, Dave Bartholomew, Jessie Hill, Coco Bobicheaux
Part 2:

Louis Armstrong, Professor Longhair, Lloyd Price, Eddie Bo, the Neville Brothers, Benny Spellman, the Dixie Cups, Smiley Lewis
Part 3:

Kid Ory, Johnny Dodds, Alvin Robinson, Fats Domino, Johnny Adams, Ernie K-Doe, Lonnie Johnson, Chris Kenner, The Meters, Dr, John
Part 4:

Jelly Roll Morton, Champion Jack Dupree, James Booker, Aaron Neville, Allen Toussaint, Irma Thomas, Clarence "Frogman" Henry, Larry Williams, Shirley and Lee. Wynton Marsalis


S R Management said...

I sat in a room about 25 years ago the size of a small bed room in J. Buffet's bar in New Orleans one afternoon with me, my wife, Coco and someone else who I totally forgot and had a great personal concert with Coco. This was a memory I'll never forget...other than who that fourth person was.

Tom G. said...

That's awesome. Those are goosebump moments. I had a similar experience in a tiny empty bar with my brother and another friend the only ones watching Professor Longhair's cousin (his name escapes me. I still have his business card somewhere...) playing the same type stuff the Professor did. When we asked if he knew "Ball the Wall" he said "Sheeit, I wrote that song!" and claimed that his cousin stole it from him.

We were tipping him and buying him drinks and after a couple drinks the bartender asked us not to buy him any more because he had been drinking all day and still had a few hours to go.