Sunday, June 4, 2017


Here's a classic case of an A side of a 45 being completely different from a B side, and in my opinion, the B side is better. The band is Head, who I'd never heard of before last night. The song I dig is "Killed By Death", which has a late seventies punk sound; surprisingly informed in that way,  considering it was released in 2002.  After looking at the lyrics at One Base On an Overthrow, it appears that the song is about the inflated prices on small run 45s based on rarity, not quality. So maybe the style of the song was supposed to infer that they were singing about the inflated prices of punk records, or maybe that's how they usually sound. But they sure don't sound like that on the A side, "Spend the Night Alone", albeit the intro sounds like the Buzzcocks. But when the vocals come in, it loses me. Too poppy. Anything that comes within a hundred miles of pop punk, with those sort of Blink 182 vocals, that repels me. I hate that shit. Which is weird, because I like punk rock and I like pop music, and bands like the Buzzcocks and the Ramones who definitely approached pop at times. I just know that there is this blurry line in regards to nasally late-to-the-party pop punk vocals. Once you cross over it, you're in that Blink 182 shit category (Green Day, you're being watched). These guys are straddling that line, good thing for them it's blurry.

Head - Killed By Death mp3 (via at One Base on an Overthrow Note: Once you get to, the download button is in the top left.
Head - Spend the Night Alone mp3 at One Base on an Overthrow Go there to get it.

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