Saturday, May 6, 2017


I'm past the age where you run out and buy music by the latest buzz band, so I've no clue. This band might have a big following. I'd wager that it does given the amount of coverage I ran across. One thing that I do know is that I'm not liking the singer at all. Never mind the fact that I've only heard/viewed one live video. All I know is that the singer in this band is a detriment. To his bandmates, the song, shit, let's cut to the chase, a waste of the the bandwidth needed to post a video.

Camera 2, close up: Protomatyr, you have a bad egg. That singer of yours is dead weight. If your music doesn't move him enough to rock out, sway, tap his foot, put down his beer bottle or even take his hand out of his fucking pocket, fire him. Give the job to someone who wants it. Maybe it's his thing to look detached, bored, above it all. Fine, do Morrisey covers. And don't blame the venue. I don't give a shit if it's a small audience. No singer with his hand in his pocket should even be in the same room as a Stooges cover. Period.

Iggy Pop - Down On the Street at YouTube 1996 Age 48, still moving more than Señor Slug


espen e. said...

Now, I wouldn’t rule out the hand IN POCKET approach completely, Tom. Thing is, you’ve got to have a COCK down there too. Crucial; No bulge? No go!

Tom G. said...

I too thought there might be a possible motive inside the pocket. But it appears that it was just a extreme case of don't-give-a-shit-itus, an affliction normally applauded in these parts, but not when the shit not given pertains to a Stooges cover. Strange coincidence?:

espen e. said...

^ CAPSLOCKed reference intended, Tom :)

Main problem is (IMO) I think he’s trying to fake that case of don’t-give-a-shit-itus. And he’s shit at it. That’s why it doesn’t work. Not with Stooges covers – not with anything else. Onstage, fronting a band, you’ve got to be believable, and this guy doesn't even seem to be convincing himself.


Tom G. said...

I figured you were winking towards that Stooges obscuro (which, I gotta say, sounds better than the last time I heard it years ago). What is really distressing is that the asshole doesn't realize that it's a privilege to front a seemingly competent band. Like he's owed that job. Seriously, I've seen lounge singers with more life in them.