Thursday, May 18, 2017


There are three types of people. One type is someone who has never heard of Captain Beefheart. A second is the Beefheart freak that can't get enough, eating up any morsel that pops up. The third is someone who saw Trout Mask Replica on all sorts of all-time greatest album lists, knew it was suppose to be some sort of landmark album, bought it and never went any further. Actually, that last group contains all sorts of subsets. Some couldn't stand Trout Mask Replica and only got halfway through it. Some hung on to it regardless and relegated it to the "attempt later" pile to gather dust. Others kept it for that weird mood when no other music would work. But that group that has Trout Mask Replica and nothing else of Beefheart's is probably a pretty big group. You might just be in there.

So here's something for just about everybody. Outtakes from sessions for the 1972 Beefheart LP The Spotlight Kid, one of his most accessible LPs, released a few years after Trout Mask Replica. Beefheart freaks who haven't heard these will no doubt gobble them up. Those in the Trout Mask Replica-only group will have something to further their dilly-dallying. And those of you who have never heard Beefheart may best think think of these as Tom Waits fronting a very stoned Exile-era Stones. That might not be all that accurate, but it might get you to listen.

Starting out with a couple cuts that did make it to the final album, and then the collection of outtakes. For good measure, there's also a link to a radio broadcast of a 1974 live show with surprisingly good sound. If you have no clue whatsoever who Captain Beefheart, there's a link to a John Peel narrated documentary.

Captain Beefheart -  Click Clack mp3 at Culture Catch
Captain Beefheart - Alice In Blunderland mp3 at Rock Town Hall
The Outtakes:
Captain Beefheart - Spotlight Kid outtakes 1971-72 at The Big O
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The Live Broadcast:
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band - Live at the Cowtown Palace at the Big O 1974 radio broadcast
The documentary:
The Artist Formerly Known as Captain Beefheart at YouTube Narrated by John Peel, 51 minutes

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