Friday, November 25, 2016


Joe Haywood and the Dynamic Twisters
I've read much of Red Kelly's writings over the years. The guy behind The "A" Side, The "B" Side, Soul Detective, and The Cosimo Code is insanely knowledgeable about soul music and it's offshoots, the type of guy who doesn't do anything half-assed. His posts are almost always lengthy, with biographical information and factoids you're not likely to read anywhere else. The type of guy that doesn't just spout off info that's gathered in his head over the years, the dude does research to the extent that he meets and becomes friends with some of his subjects. He is the man, his encyclopedic font a research tool for other soul fiends and casual lookie-loos alike. Total respect from this corner.

Lazy Lester

I spent much of this afternoon and evening pouring over The Red Kelly Index, which, until a few hours ago, I was not aware of. It's an index of all of the songs, mainly 45s, that he's written about over the years, on all of the sites he's written for, with links to the songs (click on the song titles) and the original posts (click on the date), and being the kinda guy he is, the record label and catalog number. Having indexed all of this in one place makes it much easier than looking through page after page of old posts, particularly when you consider that they're culled from multiple sites. Once you start looking through it, you'll realize that it will not be a short visit. It will not be a one time visit. 

Here's just a few that I listened to, totally at random, and every one dyn-o-mite. Oh, and another thing: while there are many names you'll recognize, there are a shitload of names you will probably never see again. Totally deep this guy. If the links don't work, just start here and kiss the next few hours goodbye.

Professor Longhair - No Buts, No Maybes mp3 at The "B" Side
Rufus Thomas - (Do the) Push and Pull, Part 1 mp3
at The "B" Side
The Gaturs - Cold Bear mp3 at Soul Detective
The Golden Toadstools - Silly Savage mp3 at The "A" Side
Doctor John - Mos 'Scocious mp3 at The "B" Side
The Red Kelly Archive Homepage
The Red Kelly Archive A-C
The Red Kelly Archive D-H
The Red Kelly Archive I-P
The Red Kelly Archive Q-Y
The "A" Side
The "B" Side
The Cosimo Code
Soul Detective 

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