Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I didn't vote for Donald Trump. Of course I'm worried and I'm pissed and I'm ashamed of the Americans who actually did vote for him. This next four years is going to be one heck of a hell-ride, so we've got to dust ourselves off, roll up our sleeves and think about the best way to fight this ignorant fuck. Please excuse me for not posting any music tonight. I'm not exactly in the mood to go look for an appropriate tune.

My country can be such a dumbshit at times.


Stan said...


I agree 100%... dismayed about the zeitgeist of 2016 America... what it means for social harmony, the environment, foreign affairs... In Australia, we had a simple-minded fuck-knuckle similar to Trump who was sacked by his own party after a year (first time it ever happened in the 'Liberal' Party)... hopefully you blokes can have the same grace.


Tom G. said...

I can't believe I'm even thinking of a silver lining, but if there is one it's that it may mobilize the left to come back with a wallop in the mid-term elections two years from now. Will America be better off even in one year, let alone two or four? From this blowhard? C'mon. I doubt that even the people who voted for him will be satisfied a year from now. Like I said, a hell-ride is coming. I'm dusting myself off, rolling up my sleeves and cracking my knuckles.