Saturday, November 12, 2016


Back in the mid-nineties, a buddy of mine that lived a few blocks away stopped by when I was having a barbecue. With him were two women from out of town, Memphis to be exact. (I'm in San Diego, to be exact.) They had some flyers with them, for a film that one of them was in, Teenage Tupelo. I took a few and put one on my refrigerator. The movie wasn't playing out here so I've no clue why they brought them. A couple weeks later, 68 Comeback, also from Memphis, came rolling through town and Jeffery Evans, the singer, and the drummer (don't remember his name) crashed at my place afterwards. The next morning the drummer sees the flyer on my refrigerator and says "Hey, my girlfriend is that movie". These Memphis people were a cool lot, so Teenage Tupelo was put on the list.

In the ensuing years I looked for the movie and in doing so became sucked in, more than once, by the site of Mike McCarthy, the guy behind the movie. His obsessions are splayed all over his site, rock 'n' roll, horror movies, comics, pin-ups and Memphis. The site has so many nooks and crannies that it's easy to get lost, and I have many times. He's done several films, comic books, music videos, all sorts of shit, worked with bands like Impala, the Oblivians, and Guitar Wolf, and had works published by Fantagraphics and Dark Horse.

It's crazy that the only way I even know who he is is from someone who was in one of his films. I've never seen anything written about him, short of things linked to on his site. How is it then that he's not better known? I must be traveling in the wrong circles. Other than that, I've no explanation, and believe me, that's something I've been trying to figure out since first viewing Teenage Tupelo. And even then the only way I got to see it at all was by pestering him for a burned copy, which he sent me for a barely the cost of a blank disc and postage. That's another thing, his films are impossible to find for sale, at least that I could find. Believe me, I'd rather pay the going rate than ask someone to burn a copy.

A couple weeks ago, I thought I'd look again, only to run across two of his films, Teenage Tupelo and The Sore Losers, both on YouTube. So here's a double feature and a whole bunch of other stuff, including a handful of tunes from Impala, the band that scored Teenage Tupelo. Dig it. Get lost in the world of Mike McCarthy.

Now showing:
Teenage Tupelo - Film by Mike McCarthy at YouTube
The Sore Losers - Film by Mike McCarthy at YouTube
Impala - Epilogue mp3
at Electraphonic Recording
Impala - Night Full of Sirens mp3
at Electraphonic Recording
Impala - Rope of Sand mp3
at Electraphonic Recording
Impala - Tomb of the Tupelo Twin mp3
at Electraphonic Recording
Elvis Meets the Beatles - Get Backward mp3 at Guerrilla Monster Films
68 Comeback - Smack Dab (in the Middle), from The Sore Losers mp4
at Guerrilla Monster Films

Guitar Wolf - Invader Ace at YouTube
Guitar Wolf - Butobase (All Through The Night)
at YouTube
The Oblivians - Leather
at YouTube
Jim Dickinson - Down In Mississippi
at YouTube
The Makers - Lover Lover
at YouTube
Cigarette Girl trailer
at YouTube

Guerilla Monster - The World of Mike McCarthy 

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