Saturday, October 8, 2016


Of all the covers to do, why this one? What, are we Aerosmith now? Jeez. I can think of plenty of other Beatles songs that they could have done that would not have reminded me of fucking Aerosmith, the band that has always so desperately wanted to be the '72-era Stones. They should've known better.


frankg said...

The intro by Jagger is bad enough. This rendition of the song makes my ears cringe. But that's probably just me.

Tom G. said...

Nope, not just you.

margen said...

Hey. I like it!

Just the other day I was doing a search to see if Beatles ever covered Stones, or vice versa.

Tom G. said...

Here's an early Beatles song done by the Stones:

espen e. said...

Wow, Tom! Old Fart Jagger & co. really whippin up a storm there. Guess they’re a couple decades (at least) past regular rehearsals, but still!

And checking YT, I would actually venture that The Tyler/Perry Revue - lookin preeetty haggard themselves these days - do a 2016 version which is almost passable in comparison (keywords: almost, and; in comparison). But of course; as as a shameless pre-/early-teen Aerosmith fan (oh, yes), a remnant bias, even after all these years, could be claimed :).


Tom G. said...

Yo e, you're still here! My comment about them wanting to be the '72 Stones comes from the first and only time I saw Aerosmith, back around '73-'74 (their first West coast tour opening for ZZ Top). There was ol' Steven Tyler in his copy cat jump suit, doing that ol' patented lean back to back on the lead guitarist routine, Joe Perry in this case, he in his copy cat Richards shag. My brother took photos at that show, and when showing them to friends unfamiliar with Aerosmith, they were mistaken for Stones photos. Anyway, while I'll cop to liking Aerosmith at one time, their first three or four LPs anyway, they've never seemed to me to be anything more than a band of Stones wannabees. "Toxic twins"? Puh-leeze. As much as I dislike the idea of the Stones doing "Come Together", I can't forget that Aerosmith originally did it for the film, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, a Robert Stigwood joint starring the Bee Gees. Yeesh. Nevermind the fact that I just love bagging on Aerosmith. No winners with that Beatles cover.

Espen E. said...

:) I never went away Tom!

@ The «Lean»: although lame from the very beginning, that «back-to-back lean» was pretty much a must by the seventies I suspect. Aerosmiths contemporary «half-sisters» (well, sort of; sharing both management and girlfriends early on) - the NY Dolls - surely didn’t give a hoot about who held the patent, and I’m positive cockrockers Plant ’n’ Page were compulsive offenders. Sinners all. Never (ever) stooped that low myself, I’m proud to say.

@Stones: by the time I got my musical bearings, they were vastly uncool. Jagger herky-jerkying 'round in some kind of Jane Fonda outfit was not a great selling point.

@ Aerosmith: oooh yes, there’s a lot to not like, no disagreement there. But as for those Stones (alá ’72) pretentions - being just a kid - I was wholly unaware. It was all just (/Only) Rock’n’Roll to me. And musically, comparing «Rocks» and «Black&Blue» - both released in 1976? I’ll take Hard Rock over the back-to-back lean of Bluesy Funk and Disco-friendly Reggae, anytime.

@BeeGees: I was a #1 fan around Saturday Night Fever, Tom! Yeesh, indeed!


Tom G. said...

Hold your head high non-leaner! You should be proud. Doubt many of the leaners even realize how cliche it is because to have the mindset of a leaner you have to be both full of yourself and clueless.

Black and Blue vs Rocks? You definitely have a point. I bailed on the Stones at Goat's Head Soup. I didn't even give them a chance after that. So Black and Blue is post whack for me. But then I'm old enough that the first Stones I devoured was Sticky Fingers, and after Exile, so the bar was pretty high. Goats Head Soup didn't stand much of a chance. Funny, Rocks happens to be the last Aerosmith album I bought, I don't remember what initially turned me off with them. Probably Steven Tyler.

Hate jumpsuits. Hate, hate, hate jumpsuits. On men. Cher rocked one, as did Raquel Welch, but unless you're a mechanic wearing one of those baggy jobs, no male should wear one. Ok, Devo, but that's it.