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If you recognize that man above, you are no doubt a Studio One fiend. I will address you first so you don't have to read crap you already know. Instead, read this: Reggae Directory, June 1992 issue, It's a whole issue dedicated to Coxsone Dodd (above, but you know that) and his work, and the artists that recorded for him. The lengthiest piece is with Dodd, but there are snippets, most in interview format and most Studio One related. There's a few pages of images of 45 labels, from other Dodd created record labels (so his dominance of the charts would mot appear the result of payola). There's a few pages with the line ups of various Studio One backing bands and harmony groups. Yeah. Resist the urge to take your iPad to the john.

If you're a semi-fiend or less, let me just say this. In my opinion, Coxsone Dodd is the single most influential person in the history of reggae. He operated sound systems, traveled abroad looking for records, started a studio, discovered raw talent, had several labels, and he sold liquor. He did everything but play the music. He wasn't always the best, he wasn't always the highest earning, and he didn't always get the credit, or even name recognition, that he deserved. But he was an innovator, and he was tireless. Go to Wikipedia. Check the music in the other Studio One posts (scroll down this page). Read the Reggae Directory thing. The sooner you get acquainted with Coxsone Dodd, the sooner you have an understanding of where reggae came from.

Listen (totally random choices):
The Dynamics - Let's Make Love mp3 at Dusted
Horace Andy - Skylarking mp3 at ATumblr (?)
Sound Dimension - Drum Song mp3 at Leave You Wanting Less Errol Dunkley - Way Down Low mp3 at Pixie Radio
Ken Boothe - Set Me Free mp3 at Surface to Air
Many more songs on older posts Scroll down.
47 song mix:
Producer Series: Coxsone Dodd's Studio One mix (via Zippiy Share) at Underground Uncovered
Note: Do the "Captcha" thing in the top right, then click on "Download Now" right below it. Avoid all the other download buttons. You will probably get one pop-up, just close it.
Massive mix, 60+ songs:
Coxsone Dodd Rarities at Underground Undercover (where it says "LINK" at the end to the text) NOTE: Once at Zippy Share, enter the Captcha, and then click on the "Download Now" link, not the button that just says "Download"
Reggae Directory - The Coxsonne Dodd/Studio One issue at Issuu June 1992

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