Wednesday, March 2, 2016


If you like Mexican food, you'd likely have the same reaction. A song repeats "enchiladas" over and over, and you can't stop thinking about all the variations of Mexican food you want, all the good places you've eaten at, and the stuff you can prepare above hack level at home. "Chicken and Rice" by Jack Costanzo, is deceptively titled, since the dominant menu item is enchiladas. Maybe it's chicken and rice enchiladas. I don't know, that just sounds lame. The song reminded me of a couple things Mexican food related distractions I've been meaning to waste your time with.

Tres Hombres fail. Still entirely edible.

One is the video (linked below), of MC Gorditas, a rapping mobile food vendor in Mexico, who operates from a three wheeled bike. The video is edited from two separate videos that popped up on YouTube a while back, and all of it is shot from the street. All the street sounds, and different distances it was filmed from, make it like some sort of accidental dub. Weirdly addictive. You may find it total crap.

The other thing is a guy who tried to recreate the photo of a mouth watering Mexican meal found on the inside cover of ZZ Top's third LP Tres Hombres. One of the greatest inside covers of all time. If you've ever seen it, you know it. An orgy of melted cheese, tortillas and all sorts of greasy matter, with an overflowing glass of ice cold beer. So this guy tries to recreate it, and then eat it. An edible cover version. Just what the world needs.

"Suzie Q"-era Creedence, pre-Enchirito Taco Bell. OG Menu: 5 items.

There's some other Mexican food related stuff. I'm including "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" as an excuse to weasel in the photo of Creedence at Taco Bell. As long as we're abandoning culinary purity, what the hell, there's "Techno Taco" too.

Jack Constanzo - Chicken and Rice mp3 at Boogaloo Time
The Defenders - Taco Wagon (streaming) at YouTube
Das Racist - Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (Wallpaper remix) mp3 at Live For The Funk
Memo Rios - Techno Taco mp3 at Super Sonido
MC Gorditas Adios MC Dinero (Rap venderor de gorditas) at YouTube
Chef recreates inside cover of Tres Hombres and eats [some of] it. at Vimeo
Dick Dale - Taco Wagon at YouTube KEXP, in studio.

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