Friday, February 12, 2016


Just a quick one to remind you of a work-around. This one comes courtesy of the Invaders. I ran into the image of record sleeve at Garage Hangover. Sadly, there were no links to their music. So, I headed to YouTube which has become one of the best sources of oddball music online. It must be a pride of ownership thing that inspires people to upload music there, but whatever the reason, if I'm looking for something I can't find anywhere else, chances are that there will be something over there.

Case in point, the Invaders 45 above. You wouldn't know it by looking at them, but they pack some mean fuzz into the A-side, "(You Really) Tear Me Up)". I had to have it. That's when I remembered about a site that has some sort of hocus pocus do-hickey that converts YouTube videos to download ready mp3s. You just copy and paste the url of the video into the thing, click the button and a few seconds later, a download link appears. So here's a link to both the song and the converter.

The Invaders - (You Really) Tear Me Up (streaming) at YouTube
ToMp3YouTube - YouTube video to mp3 converter

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