Monday, February 8, 2016


Tomorrow's Fat Tuesday, so here's some last minute stuff of all sorts, all from New Orleans, It's an all schools jam, from very early jazz to semi-current. These were posted by Peter Tibbles at Time Goes By, a blog for old farts [used with endearment]. Peter has great taste and knows about music you don't. Coco Robicheaux, for instance.

Coco Robicheaux

I'd never heard of the guy, Robicheaux, but what the hell, let's see how good this Tibbles is. Oh holy shit. "St. John's Eve". This is an amazing song. All dripping in swampy voodoo shit. Not at all a party song. Dig the mix of instruments. Guitar, sax, steel drums, shakers of some sort (sounding like a rattlesnake), just this odd assortment that really, really works. When you realize it's all acoustic instruments it becomes even more mind-blowing. And Robicheaux's voice is like some weird mix of Tom Waits, Dr. John and Willy DeVille. The song itself is great too, the arrangement, everything, even the fade out. It's a work of art, Pet Sounds stuck in swamp muck. Listen, Tell me I'm lying.

Coco Robicheaux - St. John's Eve mp3 at Time Goes By
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Peter Tibbles said...

Oh my, I'm blushing.

Tom G. said...

Thanks for doing all the hard work Peter! Now I know how you got that the column. That one song alone made my week! I haven't even listened to all of the others. Looking forward to some Fat Tuesday surprises...