Thursday, July 23, 2015


The ocean water temperature was 73 degrees today. Depending on how you spend your leisure time and where you live, you might relate, you might not care, or you might think I'm an asshole for even bringing it up. If you've experienced it at that temperature, you know. When you're in the water you don't even feel it. It isn't noticeably warm or cold, it's just wet. It's weird if you stop for a second and just float around. All womb-like n' shit. The surf wasn't much good, but the water was moving, and it was wet and salty, and that's good enough. This music feels like shitty 73 degree surf. It's not frantic, but it's definitely ridable.

The Vaqueros - Desert Wind mp3 at Office Naps
The Torquays - Escondido mp3 at Office Naps
Calvin Cool - El Tecelote mp3 at Office Naps
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espen E. said...

Yeah yeah, rub it in Tom. Just returned from a holiday in Berlin, back to the buckets of rain and 13C (55F) we left behind a good week ago… The local water temp? Probably freezing:


Tom G. said...

Hey e,

You were one of the people I figured would think I was an asshole for bringing it up. Yeah, I just checked that FB page, 14 °C /57 °F water? Yikes. Hopefully Berlin was nice. If it's any conciliation, the cost of living here is high, so working class people like myself have to watch our spending. In other words, the nearby beach is my vacation, taken in spurts after work and on weekends. But I suppose that doesn't really make me any less an asshole!

Good to hear from you. A nod to the rodents and your country and western hating better half!


espen E. said...

Don’t worry Tom – stab didn't draw blood… We’re pretty tough-skinned when it comes to enduring both nasty weather and related jeers… And hey, Annette reminds me that we had a seawater temperature of 24C / 75F here last year (albeit for a short spell). You know those "Gulf stream waters" Woody G waxes about? Apparently some of their (weakened) thermal magic (although they seem to have gone MIA lately) reaches our shores.

But, Oh Yes; Berlin was hot. We took a train to Wiesbaden (near Frankfurt) to visit friends, where I capitulated the clammy comfort of skinny jeans and converted to shorts (well, a loose fitting 3/4 length anyway). On one of the warmest days we ended up in a sort of public spa facility with a big indoor/outdoor pool, where the naturally heated water (note: the town of Wiesbaden, because of it’s natural hot springs, used to be a well known health resort for wealthy Germans of yesteryear) was around 32-33C (about 90F) – a few degrees short of the air temperature! I was sceptical to the concept – figuring that would be as effective (for cooling off) as leaving the fire for the frying pan – but to my surprise, the water felt just right… Plus, the sparse "house crowd" consisted mostly of loose skinned, slow moving, retirees. And that felt right too.


[PS: the two longhaired rats and their shorthaired mother nod back!]