Monday, July 13, 2015


Here we go again. After hearing Joe Bravo's cover of "Sissy Strut" the other day, I was poking around to hear more of this guy I'd never heard of. The first song I ran into was "Please Call Me Baby", which was totally different, a Tejano ballad that sounded hokey on the first listen. But the damn thing sucked me in, and over the course of the last few days has become one of those type of songs that you don't want to over analyze, you just go with it. So, yeah, I dig it for unexplainable reasons, and you may not, but that led to further hunting. Just who the hell is Joe Bravo? I'm sure there's a lengthy bio somewhere but all I was able to find was on a site for a Tejano Legends Cruise. As it turns out, back in the day he took over as lead singer for the Sunglows after Sunny Ozuna left. That's some pretty big shoes to fill and reason enough to add him to the ever growing list of names to remember when perusing the dollar bins.

Good ol' dependable Super Sonido had another one, "Yolanda" which is more of what you might expect from border music, that is until the sax kicks in. It's a short solo that wouldn't be out of place on some old jazz record and I was hoping it would last longer, but, hell, the song is only a little over two minutes long. Super Sonido lumped it with a couple other songs from other bands on the same label. One is a soul jazz cover of an Eddie Harris song by the Mexican Revolution, and the other a James Brown like number by Augustine Ramirez. All three are worth checking out.

Joe Bravo - Please Call Me Baby mp3 at Beware of the Blog
Joe Bravo - Yolanda mp3 at Super Sonido
The Mexican Revolution - Listen Here mp3 at Super Sonido Go there to get it.
Augustine Ramirez - She's Looking Good mp3 at Super Sonido Ditto.

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