Sunday, May 17, 2015


The Nashville Ramblers take their sweet ass time. They've been together since 1985 but have released only one 45. Recorded in 1986, "The Trains" first appeared in the boxed set "Children of Nuggets" in 2005, but the record itself wasn't released until 2011. There was talk a few years ago about a compilation of all of their unreleased recordings, but I haven't seen one. Again, taking their sweet ass time.

Despite living on opposite coasts, the trio still manage a handful of gigs a year and if the live videos are any indication, they haven't lost a step. Which is why I'm kicking myself. They played locally last night and I completely forgot about it until this morning. Never mind the fact that getting out every Friday and Saturday night has lost some urgency in the past several years, I've got no excuse for this one. I know the members, one as far back as high school, and I consider all three among the best musicians to come out of San Diego in the last several decades. You might say I fucked up.

Their sole 45 was put out by Ugly Things. Here's your official alert. There were only 1,000 pressed and there are only six left, as of this moment. That could change really fast. And don't let the price fool you. When it was first released it wasn't priced as high. But Ugly Things' supply was sold out and these last six were in the possession of band members. Believe me, at $20 it's still a bargain, it's that good. Recorded on analog and tube equipment, if it was released in a different time period, say 1965, it would have been a massive hit. Than again, if it would have been released when it was recorded in 1986, it'd already be highly sought after ultra collectable fiend meat. (Wait until they're gone and you'll see what happens.) In a perfect world it would remain widely available, but that ain't happening. It is an imperfect world. America's got talent.

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