Thursday, May 28, 2015


I heard this one in the car today, and had to lay it on you. It's a solid hillbilly party jam by Little Jimmy Dickens, and if the lyrics are any indication, Dickens would give youngster Andrew W.K. a run for his money. Dude wants to wiggle with the worm, crawl with the snake, wear out fourteen pairs of shoes, and he threatens to climb the wall. And that's just in the first verse. "I'm on the prowl, it's my night to howl, turn out the lights and let's crawl along." Hell yeah, I'm on board!

I don't usually recommend specific albums, but the one I got this from is an unbelievable deal. It's titled "Rock 'n' Roll Box", and even though the generic title is a misnomer, if you're into the roots of rock 'n' roll, and know to expect some nascent stuff, you'll dig it. The bait is a handful of cuts by Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Bill Haley and the Comets. For anyone expecting the rest to be classic rock 'n' roll cuts, that would be where the whiners take over. But if you're into the ingredients that made up the earliest rock 'n' roll, particularly hillbilly and boogie in this set, it's a bargain. It's ten CD's, 180 songs, most of which will be new to even the most extreme of fiends. The hook? It's only about fifteen bucks. That's about eight cents a song. With that generic of a title it would be almost impossible to find, but just do a search of "Membran/Documents B000AAP7J4" and a number of online dealers should pop up. The fidelity isn't good by modern recording standards, but some of the songs were ripped from extremely rare vinyl copies. Dig it, or cry alone.

Little Jimmy Dickens - Hey Worm mp3 at Internet Archive
Song listing:
Rock 'n' Roll box track listing

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