Monday, April 13, 2015


Today I learned that Africa's western black rhino has been officially declared extinct. That most certainly sucks. Really. In this day and age, there are still poachers that will hunt an endangered animal into extinction? For trophies? Class A dickweeds.

Hearing that disturbing news reminded me that I've never posted anything by Captain Beyond. (Huh?) They were a hard rock band in the seventies that included a former singer for Deep Purple and a former drummer for Johnny Winter. That's how they gained entrance to the boy's room, my brother's record collection to be more exact. My brother was a guitarist and anything even remotely connected to Johnny Winter was looked into. He ate up the guitar on that LP. Everything was fodder; the licks, the tone, and the distortion. Alas, a look at the liner notes though revealed next to nothing about the guitarist. There wasn't even a photo of the band. The lead guitar was credited to someone named "Rhino". (There's your tie-in.) Unfortunately, it was the seventies, so with a one word name, a nickname at that, it was frustrating for him. There was no internet to look to, and all of his guitarist buddies were similarly mystified. If you're a liner note level fiend, you know how maddening that would be.

Rhino was Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt, who had been in several bands prior to Captain Beyond, notably a later version of Iron Butterfly. I now know that thanks to a web search that took all of seconds. I also know that many of you will not see anything remotely interesting about this brand of seventies rock. That's okay, I know how you feel. I never listen to this type of stuff anymore. But I'll be damned if "Dancing Madly Backwards" doesn't take me right back to the bedroom I shared with my brothers and all of those dead end hunts. Any of you that know Captain Beyond's recorded output may not have seen the live clip of them, twenty minutes, live and good quality. Marshall stacks and long hair. Yeah baby. Turn it up and pass the doobie.

Captain Beyond - Dancing Madly Backwards mp3 at Synthesis Radio
Captain Beyond - Raging River of Fear (streaming) at YouTube
Captain Beyond - Armworth (streaming) at YouTube
Captain Beyond - Live in Montreux 1971 at YouTube 20 minutes
Captain Beyond at Wikipedia

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Timmy said...

Poaching is, increasingly, a last ditch effort, for those in the unfortunate position of being in the state of starvation, to obtain a "free" commodity for food. The ones who trade for the rhino carcass, itself, are the real dipshits. It DOES indeed suck. But that all that sucks.
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