Thursday, April 16, 2015


Man, the Thunderbeats. Have you heard these guys? I don't even remember where I got the bookmark from, and there's nothing but a Bandcamp page, so I'll tell you what I do know. They recorded in Moscow, so my assumption is that they are Russian. One of the labels that worked with was from Portugal. They're relatively current, and their music a study in global snottiness, the garage variety, and pretty dead on. Imagine the Seeds, sans electric piano, because the singer sounds an awful lot like Sky Saxon. If any of you have a clue to their story, pony up. I've been getting a lot of page views from Russia lately. One of you have gotta know. Tell me you aren't all link farms. Tell me that at least one of you has pointy boots, a bowl cut, and a clue.

Really, worth the visit. Dust off that thing you call a wallet.

The Thunderbeats at Bandcamp It's cheap and you get a lot.

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