Friday, March 27, 2015


Here's something of a wake up call for you surf music enthusiasts. Many of you may know the Pyramids from their song "Penetration", a top shelf surf instrumental released in 1963 and on just about every surf music compilation ever released. It is worthy, it's a great song, but it's just about the only thing anyone knows of them. There's a reason for that. Like many of the surf bands that you know only one or two songs of, and presume their other stuff is good, it doesn't always work like that. Sometimes, when you take a second glance you catch something upsetting, if not horrifying.

I feel it is my duty to prevent others from experiencing the trauma that I endured tonight. The Pyramids were from Long Beach. Okay, Southern California, everything's looking as it should. They've got shaved heads. The nuts! They had a black dude in the band, a rarity in surf music. They did "Penetration". If you add all that up, they sound like a can't miss band. So when you see a clip on YouTube, you're know going to watch it. Well sit down, I've something to tell you. If you put the Pyramids in front of a camera, they become complete goons. I know this is hard to bear, but life's like that. Complete and utter goons. You think you can just go back to the source, and hear the flip of the 45, and it will be some sort of reverb safe harbor. But you'll see, you'll see the title, "Here Comes Marsha". It's ain't looking good. It isn't good. Though the Pyramids did release other worthy instrumentals, this should serve as a cautionary post. You wander around willy-nilly, you will get stung.

The Pyramids - Penetration mp3 at Bowling League Records
The Pyramids - Here Comes Marsha mp3 at Song Snack
The Horror:
The Pyramids - Penetration (on American Bandstand) at YouTube


espen E. said...

Holy Headnest Tom: just took a closer look at that Pyramids in da house pic... Check out furry items on stagefloor at 8 o'clock (/lefthand side)!

Tom G. said...

Don't wig E-man! Those nuts would wear wigs and then shake them off their heads mid-song. Not sure if it was a regular thing, but I do remember seeing them do that in at least one long forgotten beach party movie. Another goon moment...

espen E. said...

Yeah, I caught mention of potential rug gimmickry (on the Bandstand), but I thought they were kidding. Goofiness Galore. Crazy kids.

:) e