Friday, November 22, 2013


Most of you have heard at least some of the Everly Brothers' hits. They were at their peak in the late fifties, at least in terms of chart success. If you happen to really dig them, you know that there's plenty of later non-hits that are as good or better than their early stuff. Just a couple days ago, I ran across "I've Been Wrong Before" from 1966. Check it out. If you hear a little British Invasion thing going on, you're not the only one. It's from their LP Two Yanks In England, which was recorded in England (as your pal and mine, G. Pyle would say, "Suurprise, surprise, surprise!"). After a stint in the Marines, the brothers went back to recording in a pop world that had been turned on it's head by mop tops and what nots. So yeah, there's that going on. But what surprised me is that their uncredited backing band on the song is the Hollies. [NOTE: I have since been corrected. Online attributions seem to be relying on this portion of the liner notes: "The Hollies, Phil Everly has recalled, also played on most of the album; it has also been reported that Jimmy Page contributed some guitar as a session musician."] [Oh, bloody hell, I just found out more about these sessions, see the comments.] The vocals are all Everly, but that band is pretty damn tight. That all parties involved knew not to pollute the Everlys' trademark harmonies with additional vocals from the Hollies is a bonus. This is a really great song, from the opening Kinks-like riff, to the drum fills, their harmonies, the mix, yes, even the tambourine.  Shit. It's just one of those songs. Ignore at your own peril.

The Everly Brothers - I've Been Wrong Before mp3 at Newer
The Everly Brothers - Somebody Help Me (streaming) at YouTube Dig the fuzz. From the same LP
The Hollies - I've Been Wrong (streaming) at YouTube The Hollies own (original) version.
Token oddball:
Everly Brothers - Coke commercial mp3 at The Podcast Place
Recording details of Two Yanks In England at Steve Hoffman
Liner notes for Two Yanks In England

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Tom G. said...

I tell you, it pays to have fiendish friends. My buddy Dave hepped me to the link above, where it states that a few of the songs were recorded in L.A., including "I've Been Wrong Before". Guess what? I's all got the Wrecking Crew all over it. Holy shit, just the guitarists alone: "guitars by James Burton, Glen Campbell, Al Casey, Jay Lacy, Don Lanier; Terry Slater - bass, Jim Gordon - drums, Larry Knecktel - keys, Dan Randi - keys, and on organ, Billy Liebert."