Sunday, August 26, 2012


I'd almost given up on Musica del Alma. They hadn't posted anything new for six months, and that's usually a sign someone's lost the fire. So I was surprised and stoked that there was a new post. I had no idea that it would lead me from Texas to East L.A., and through a half a dozen sub-genres. It ended up being one of those three or four day obsessions that usually end up adding to the want list, and what better to add than a bunch of stuff recorded decades ago by bands I hadn't even heard of a week ago.

The thing at Musica del Alma was a guest post by a guy by the name of High C, about Tony Hernandez and the Latin Liners, out of Sequin Texas. Both songs were funky, both keepers, so I decided to check the blog of the guest poster, as he seemed to really know his shit. Once at his place, Excavation, I started poking around and then just started eating straight out of the can. There's a lot of good stuff over there. The few below are from his "Top 5 Recently & Locally Procured Chicano 45s" post. Big Man and the Night People's "Night Creeper" is some sort of Stax/JB/Booker T thing, with a grit becoming of the band's name and song title. The Blue Nights' "No No" sounds like a garage band trying to play soul, and two thirds of the horn section called in sick. Seriously, it's like you're at their band practice, and they just barely give a shit. And that makes it good. The other three selections over there are also raw, a little off, and excellent; that is if you like imperfect efforts. Effort it is though, be it lackadaisical, over the top, dead on, or a little twisted. The last one down there, from American Athlete, is just an semi-related gimme. I don't know if it's from Texas. I just happened to run across it, and it is Latin and funky, and that's close enough.

Tony Hernandez and the Latin Liners - Jo Tex mp3 at Musica del Alma
Tony Hernandez and the Latin Liners - Nothing Is the Same mp3
at Musica del Alma
Big Man and the Night People - Night Creeper mp3
at Excavation
The Blue Nights - No No mp3
at Excavation
The Rondels - Love Bones mp3
at Excavation
Sherman Evans with Cruz Ortiz and the Flames – The Craze mp3
at Excavation
The Modulation Corporation - What To Do mp3
at Excavation
Seguida - Mambo Rock
at American Athelete
The Latin specialists:
Musica del Alma
Super Sonido

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