Saturday, February 11, 2012


It's hard to peg down the appeal of vintage sleaze. Maybe it's because it comes from a time when the line between smut and almost smut was clearly defined. Who the hell knows? But, just as the chikka-chikka soundtrack of 70's porn has a certain (to some, kitsch) appeal, so does the music of the strip clubs of the fifties and sixties, often referred to as tittyshakers.

I think I've mentioned before that I've got a problem with the term tittyshaker. Probably because I'm not particularly fond of the term titty to begin with. There's a thousand terms for women's breasts and "titty" is like the mullet of boob terms. Who ever thought that one up ought to go to a Russ Meyer seminar.

I ran into a few of these fine instrumentals in the past few days, so I thought I'd post them, along with a few posted previously. Sadly, the links to the Las Vegas Grind series that I posted a while back are dead (I checked). Nonetheless, there's enough for you to get your "Go, baby! Go!" on.

The Executioners - Dead End Part One mp3 at Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban
Jimmy Heap - Gizmo mp3 at Hell's Belles
Saxie Russell - El Monkey mp3 at Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban
Jerry Green & the Passengers - Puerto Rico mp3 at Diddy Wah
Aris Garandanis - Alba's Shake mp3 at Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban
Louie and the Fat Man - Fat Man mp3 at Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban
Previously posted:
Edgar Allen & the Po' Boys - Panic Button mp3 at Probe Is Turning-On the People
The Rockin' Bellmarx - Torture Rock mp3 at X818
The Frantics - The Whip mp3 at Unnecessary Umlaut
The Gee Cees - Buzzsaw Twist mp3 at
The Hollywood Persuaders - Drums-A-Go-Go mp3 at X818
Freddy Scott & The 4 Steps - Same Ole Beat mp3 at
Light In Orbit's Burlesque and instrumental channel at YouTube
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Adam said...

I just found out that WFMU's Mr. Fine Wine has put a couple of compilations out using the term Hipshakers, which is slightly more gender neutral I suppose. I kind of like Tittyshakers though, for the naughtiness (and accuracy) of it. Thanks for another great post.

Tom G. said...

Adam, you're right about the naughtiness. When I stop to think about it, in the late 50's and early 60's the word "titty" probably had a more comical ring to it. Speaking of WFMU, Debbie D calls them "rock 'n' soul shakers" which is about as accurate as "hipshakers". The Las Vegas Grind series may have been on to something, maybe "grinders"? Who cares as long as they evoke "go baby go!"