Saturday, February 25, 2012


These should send you Minutemen completists into a frenzy. Maybe not. They might be pretty common to Minutemen fiends, I've really got no idea. But I do know enough to post them just in case. What you've got here is the pre-Minutemen combo, the Reactionaries, back when they were a four piece (with singer Martin Tamburovich). If you're into the band, you'll notice a few similarities. They're more interesting to me as an anthropological artifact. The Minutemen section in my records consists of but one title (Double Nickles), so I'd be out rounding up their official releases if I needed more.

As long as I'm putting those up, I figured I might as well put up some other associated things. There's a link to the host of these songs, Corn Dogs, a pretty good fan site (live shows, obscure stuff and what not). Another cool read, if you've got a few days to read it, is Mike Watt's tour diary, from his tour with the Stooges. I just jumped around on that one (it's really long), and, believe me, there's plenty of things to keep you amused. There's also a link down there to Mike Watt's radio show, and one to the fine piece that the Adios Lounge wrote about the Minutemen a while back, with some Minutemen tunes and way more substantial info than you'll find around these parts.

The Reactionaries - Cheap False Teeth mp3 at Corn Dogs
The Reactionaries - Brigate Rose mp3 at Corn Dogs
The Reactionaries - Video Madonna mp3 at Corn Dogs
The Reactionaries - Innuendo mp3 at Corn Dogs
The Reactionaries - Getting Existential On the Beach mp3 at Corn Dogs
The Reactionaries - God and Country mp3 at Corn Dogs
The Reactionaries - 1979 mp3 at Corn Dogs
The Reactionaries - My Heroes mp3 at Corn Dogs
Visit: - Mike Watt fan site with tons of stuff
Mike Watt's Hoot Page
Mike Watts Tour Diary - From the 2011 Stooges European tour (with James Williamson)
The Watt from Pedro Show - Mike Watt's online radio show. Coltrane, the Germs, Boris and Savoy get the idea: a regular salad bowl.
This Ain't No Picnic - Minutemen post at The Adios Lounge

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