Saturday, February 18, 2012


Here's a diversion. I was doing a search for a future post and I ran into a neat photo, which led to a site called the Selvedge Yard. I've been there before, and the site has a lot of good images and such, but does lay it on a bit thick at times with sharp looking icons. (There is beauty in the ugliness of ordinary. Let's not forget that.) The photo was of biker women, and it came from a 1965 photo collection of photos of the women of Hell's Angels. One particular image, not to go all male on you, is one of the stirring photos of a woman I've ever seen (detail above). I don't want to think too much about why, and I'm not going to get into what it stirs, because I don't rightly know. It has something to do with records. Not so much the physical appearance of the woman. Maybe it's the pose. Women who lay all over jukeboxes. Yeah, there's a new one for you.

It gave me an excuse to re-post the links to biker film soundtracks. These were originally posted about a year ago, so some of you may not have been here and haven't backtracked that far. There's a lot of gold in them there old posts.

First, an obligatory Davie Allan selection:
Davie Allan & the Arrows - Cycledelic mp3 at Office Naps
And now, the main event:
Biker Soundtracks at The Big Bust Out - 13 full length LP downloads of biker movie soundtracks, in zip format. For the complete song listings, go to the Big Bust Out. I've just put those links down there for the lazy, hopped up, dropped out, filthy, sex crazed, aimless, leather clad hell heads that just don't give a damn about song titles.
Original Motion Picture Soundtracks:
Angels From Hell (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Born Losers (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Devil's Angels (zip) at The Big Bust Out
The Glory Stompers (zip) at The Big Bust Out
The Hellcats (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Hell's Angels on Wheels (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Hell's Belles (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Naked Angels (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Outlaw Riders (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Psychomania (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Satan's Sadists (zip) at The Big Bust Out
The Savage Seven (zip) at The Big Bust Out
The Wild Angels (zip) at The Big Bust Out

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