Saturday, November 18, 2023


Here's one of the many reasons I love living in Southern California. It's been getting chilly lately and the water temperature slowly dropping. It was supposed to be cloudy and rainy today, and the water temperature had dropped to 62°. It looked like the end of the beach days for the year. Regardless, I ran errands early, just in case. By the time I got home the clouds had parted and the temperature was a few degrees warmer than forecast-ed. I figured that one of the perks of living five minutes away from the beach is that if you go down there and it starts raining, you just shuffle back home without wasting half a day driving, parking, and driving back. So I grabbed my shit and started down there. Got as far as Newport Farms, the convenience store two blocks away, and ran into David, a Spicoli type character who's a master carpenter and covered with tats. (My favorite: bread, cold cuts and garnishes tattooed on his knuckles. A knuckle sandwich.) So I walk with him to the tattoo shop and then ran into Kevin, another local. While talking to him, Gil, still another loc', comes cruising by on his bike. I went for a short walk to the other end of the beach, and when I come beach, who's plopped down right by my unattended shit? Bob, who lives across the street from me. On the way home I had two more friend run-ins. To cut to the chase, I whiled away most of the afternoon shooting the shit with friends and getting wet at the beach. (Bonus: The water temperature actually went up to 64°!). This on a day that wasn't supposed to be accommodating to goofing around outdoors. I was resigned to getting shit done. It turned out to be an awesome day to be "unproductive".

When I got home, the song below came to mind. What's not to like about a well crafted pop song about a nice day with a heavily accented Euro-babe singing with bonus bird tweets?

Persephone's Bees - Nice Day mp3 at Audio Drums

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