Friday, January 19, 2018


Digging through old bookmarks I came across one for All I Want, a blog that posted trashy rock 'n' roll, later punk and garage stuff. They haven't posted since September 2016, but wait! The links for downloads are still good. So, yeah, I'm cherry pickin', lapping up stuff that I somehow missed back when I bookmarked the site. Two of the first few posts that I checked out were immediate click bait. One is an Oblivians EP that I somehow missed, and seeing as how the Oblivians song I posted a few days ago seems to be getting some spins, it's a "give the people what they want" sorta thing. If that's pandering or selling out, gripe all you want.


The other post is an Impala EP. Impala was an instrumental outfit, specializing in pre-surf r&b flavored instrumentals not unlike the assorted vintage shakers posted yesterday, This is especially true of the EP posted at All I Want. These are indeed of the shaker variety, and you'd be forgiven for pegging their vintage a couple of decades off. Which brings me to the movie part of of the show.

Mike McCarthy

The movies, The Sore Losers and Teenage Tupelo are by Mike McCarthy, who's forte is unashamed C-movies steeped in questionable acting and boss soundtracks. It was the latter movie that turned me on to Impala. The Sore Losers has good stuff in the soundtrack as well, a more varied set by Guitar Wolf, the Royal Pendletons, 68 Comeback and others in McCarthy's wheelhouse. All in all, you've got a few hours of trashy entertainment that's likely to make you late for whatever you're doing tonight. If that doesn't satiate you, try digging through McCarthy's site. It's a black hole, a cornucopia of low budget trash. The guy doesn't sit still. You'll see.

The EPs