Monday, January 1, 2018


Fuck. Just a quick listen to a Brigitte Bardot song, that's all it was going to be. It was okay, one more can't hurt. An hour and a half later I'm reminding myself to limit casual clicks. When I can get all wrapped up for an hour and a half of Brigitte Bardot's music, I'm spending way too much time online.

Brigitte Bardot - Je Danse Donc Je Suis mp3 at Le Mellotron
Brigitte Bardot - Oh Qu'il est Villian mp3
at Surreptitious Music
Brigitte Bardot - La Madrague mp3
at Mots Locaux
Brigitte Bardot - Le Soleil mp3
at Internet Archive
Brigitte Bardot - Mot Te Joue mp3
at Bobo Parisienne
Les chansons de Brigitte Bardot - Musique
at YouTube 53 minutes of music clips


espen e said...

Happy New Year, Tom, and thanks a lot for the one we just left behind. Your output is appreciated. Would’ve/should’ve commented more often (‘cause for most of your posts I probably could) but the past months have been energy drainers, so levels are low. (X-mas holidays didn’t turn out to be the boost I’d hoped for, either.) Will try to get my shit together for 2018.

:) espen

Tom G. said...

Hey espen,

Sorry for the late reply. Happy late New Year to you! Hope you , the Missus and the rodents are doing well. On to, well, more of the same. Are you still gigging around? Doing any recording? If you have anything link worthy, obviously let me know!

Good to hear from you


Espen E said...

Thanks Tom, family's doing fine. No TBMTY gigs for close to four years actually (was a bit fed up at the time, and decided to take a break). We got some pretty cool multi-camera coverage of the last gig, but still haven’t edited it. Will give you a word when it’s on YT. Haven’t been completely dormant since then though; played bass on some friends' project (non-garage-rock) up until a year and a half ago, then quit to work on some of my own left-over material from way back, before I decided to learn how to play the drums early last year (never too late). So; just a lot of loose ends and nothing link worthy (yet).

But for other stuff to check out, a guy who I’ve been meaning to mention for you (and who you might already have heard of – he had a DC band called Make-Up way back) is Ian Svenonius. He was here a couple years ago for a talk type thing (culture/politics/books/punkrock) at the main library, before giving a performance with his one man project Escapeism: A very intelligent, entertaining and amiable guy.

Or what about Syrian (/Kurd) wedding singer Omar Souleyman, who's booked here in March: Tickets bought.

By the way - any chance of getting recently commented posts – you know, a linked list, like the "Current Boss 10" kinda thing – on the front page of LDdeTrastos? Is there a option for something like that? Would be easier to keep up with the back-and-forths we occasionally have (+ I like to check out other comments that pop up).