Saturday, September 2, 2017


It's Labor Day weekend, the end of summer back to school blowout for many of you. It's back to the grindstone on Tuesday, so live it up this weekend. Personally, I'd recommend getting a grill going, but keep it modest. Don't do all that fancy shit, it's just a big pain in the ass to clean up. Just burgers and dogs, chips, sodas and beer. Though inevitably some ass will show up with some high dollar cut of meat, or some fancy hors d'oeuvres. There's always some jerk that will try to upscale the simplest concept there is. The whole fancy beer thing is completely off the rails. We saw it coming years ago when fancy beer meant Corona or Heineken. Back then we'd have a cheap beer contest. With a receipt as proof, the winner would win some sort of prize (the classic was an cheesy AC/DC coke mirror). The bonus being that there would be no cry babies whining about who drank their treasured fancy beer, since everybody brought cheap beer. If your beer happened to be the least cheap of the bunch, you deserved to have it drunk by others, to put you more in touch with what real cheap beer is.

So, now that we've had our little talk about keeping the cookout real, here's some surf music to get you started. We're all familiar with the American brand of surf music, heavy on the reverb, which is how it should be. Pity the Aussies who didn't get the reverb memo. Sorry, with all due respect to Tibbles, the yanks win this one hands down.

The Aussie collection:
Board Boogie - Austrailian Surf Collection - 30 vintage cuts at Internet Archive Note: In the right column, under "Download options" click on "VBR MP3 Files"

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