Friday, December 9, 2016


It's not that unusual to listen to a song and have it lead to a couple hours worth of detours both at the computer and in front of the stereo. That shit happens all the time around here. But last night it was an accidental click that did it. Not a random "wonder what this sounds like" click. I was wildly scrolling the list of songs at Mp3 Rockabilly when the mouse slipped and I accidentally clicked on a song that started playing what sounded at first like a cover of Larry William's "Boney Maronie". I let it roll. After a couple lines it became apparent that the the song was just borrowing a couple lines from Williams's song, but that became irrelevant because the singer, who ended up being some dude named Larry Brinkley, was the show. He seemed to be trying to cop the vocal stylings of two or three of his contemporaries in one song. It was crazy and it was unfamiliar, and that was the whole reason I was at that site to begin with. I wanted to hear some vintage rockers that I wasn't familiar with. This Brinkley fit the bill.

I went looking for more Brinkley and ran into "Move Over Rover". If his vocal stylings seemed all over the map on the first one, on this one it seemed like Larry Collins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis in low mode all swapping lines. Though credit must be given for actually making a rockabilly record in 1962, there might be a reason that I'd never heard of this guy. He couldn't even stick to a particular singing style for two and a half minutes. So, back to the site, just for the hell of it, I checked out other guys named Larry I wasn't familiar with, hence the Larry Lee Phillips, Larry Dale and Larry Terry cuts. Do check out "Down to the Bottom" the Dale cut. More of a New Orleans type feel but, holy shit, the sound on that sucker kills me. On top of that, I have to pat myself on the back for correctly recognizing the guitar of Mickey Baker. Man, his tone. What I didn't recognize was the piano of Champion Jack Dupree. That song was payoff for fucking around for a couple hours.

Larry Brinkley - All Night Long mp3
at Mp3 Rockabilly
Larry Brinkley - Move Over Rover mp3
at Mp3 Rockabilly
Larry Lee Phillipson - Bitter Feelings mp3
at Mp3 Rockabilly
Larry Terry - Hep Cat mp3
at Mp3 Rockabilly
Larry Dale - Down to the Bottom mp3
at Mp3 Rockabilly

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